Natural Face Care for Acne Complexions

Zi Zai Dermatology acne skin care treatmentIf you have acne, oily skin or tend to get blemishes, we suggest the following skin care regimen.



 Gently cleanse face and neck twice daily – once in the morning and then again at night.  Always remove make-up before going to bed.  Choose any of the following cleansers.  We recommend rotating cleansers for best results.

AcneHerbal Cleansing Powder: Powdered herbs and flowers, as well as French green clay and organic oats, are combined to make a gentle daily exfoliating cleanser. Absorbs excess oils and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.  Great to use in the morning when you do not need to remove make-up.

AcneHerbal Facial Soap: Cleanses gently without over-drying healthy skin. The herbs in this cold-processed soap have been used to reduce redness and decrease blemishes.  Will remove most make-up (except for waterproof eye makeup) so we recommend using this as your nighttime cleanser.

HoneyHerb Facial Scrub: An exfoliating scrub made from unfiltered local northern Colorado seasonal wildflower honey and Chinese herbs to soften skin and leave your face glowing.  Use in place of Cleansing Powder 2 or 3 times per week.


After cleansing, pat face and neck dry and apply AcneHerbal Facial TonerUse a cotton cosmetic pad or cotton ball to apply the toner and leave it on to dry. Apply twice daily to face, chest, back or wherever you tend to get blemishes. Do not rinse it off.  Can be used in the middle of the day to remove excess oil in lieu of cleansing.  (Works great when camping, too!)


  Next apply AcneHerbal Facial Serum to dry areas of face, to fine lines and wrinkles and to horizontal lines of neck.  The serum is more concentrated with herbs and should be applied before the crème.  This is a blend of delicate oils with potent antioxidant properties valued for their use in anti-aging products.  Even acne-prone skin needs nourishment and moisture and the Chinese herbs infused into these oils have been used for centuries to nourish skin and reduce redness and blemishes.  If your skin is not very dry or if you have no issues with fine lines or wrinkles, you can skip this step.


Moisturizing is important, even if you have oily skin (lightly moisturizing will reduce your skin’s need to produce so much sebum).  After your toner dries and the serum is absorbed, apply one or two pumps of AcneHerbal Facial Crème .  This luxurious herbal crème is light-weight and absorbs easily into the skin leaving it smooth and soft. May be used under makeup application.  Skin should feel silky smooth…if skin feels greasy after applying, apply a smaller amount next time.


Choose from one of the following weekly treatments…or alternate between them to keep your skin routine fresh.  Apply these treatments to skin that is free of make-up.  Follow these treatments with toner, then moisturizer.

  • AcneHerbal Clay & Herb Facial Mask:  A blend of French green clay to absorb excess oil and Chinese herbs that reduce papules and pustules.  Can be used once or twice per week as a mask over entire face and neck (or even the upper back if you have help applying it).  You can also use it overnight as a spot treatment on specific lesions.
  •  AcneHerbal Topical Facial Tea: This blend of 100% Chinese herbs can be used in multiple ways. You can mix with water to form a paste and paint it directly on your face like the clay & herb mask; it can be added to a facial steam (great to open pores for blackheads); or you can dip the cotton face masks (included) and apply the saturated cotton masks to your face.  Use once or twice per week. The topical facial tea is a better choice if you have sensitivity to clays.
  • Natural Face Care for Acne Complexions