About Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is the most comprehensive and well-organized system of herbal knowledge compiled in human history.  It is the oldest aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Chinese herbs from Zi Zai DermatologyTraditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM) differs from the medical understanding we have here in the west.  TCM has its own unique way of diagnosing, treating and preventing illness and disease.  It focuses on the body’s energetic function.  Its treatments are designed to bring greater energetic balance to the body, thereby eliminating what TCM views as the root of the illness. Zi Zai’s topical products do not address the root of skin problems. No chronic skin affliction will be cured by putting stuff on the skin; you must address the internal root of the imbalance and this should only be treated by a qualified medical practitioner.  For further help finding a qualified practitioner of TCM, check out our Referral Page.

An Over-Simplified View of Traditional Chinese Dermatology

Dermatology can be complex.  In Chinese Herbal Medicine, we base our differentiation of skin diseases partly on how the lesions appear physically.  If they are red, for instance, we say there is energetic Heat present.  If they are pale in color, we say there is an energetic deficiency of Blood.  Purple or brown color indicates a Stasis of Blood.  If the lesions ooze or are weepy or if there is edema, then Dampness is involved.  Dryness or scaling of skin often means the presence of Dryness.  Acute onset of itching indicates the prevalence of Wind.  It is not quite this simplistic, but you get the idea.

For example, a rash that is red, itchy and oozes a little bit of clear fluid would indicate the presence of Heat, Wind, and Dampness. Our treatment principal then would be to Clear Heat, Dispel Wind, and Eliminate Dampness.  All of our product descriptions include the intended treatment principal according to Chinese Medicine.  Our product formulations are not based on western medical diagnosis.

A Note About Your Skin

Your skin is an organ, just like your lungs and your liver, except that it lies on the outside of your body.  It forms a protective barrier between the outer world and your insides.  Your skin protects you from chemicals, germs, UV radiation, loss of body fluids, and mechanical damage.  It insulates you and helps regulate your temperature.  It is also a sensory organ, providing info to you about your environment.

However, your skin is not 100% impermeable or impenetrable.  Chemicals, germs, and other harmful substances can find their way into your body via your skin.  So it is of the utmost importance that you take good care of this organ.

A percentage of whatever you put on your skin will be absorbed into your body.  So, you want to be sure that the substances you use on your outsides are not causing harm to your insides. All the ingredients in Zi Zai products are safe for your skin.


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