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Now you can buy our herbal skincare products and order patient prescriptions all on one site!

Zi Zai Dermatology herbs

Zi Zai Dermatology offers professional online herbal dispensary services to certified/licensed herbalists.  In addition to purchasing our external herbal products from our Dispensary, you can now use our secure online system to order custom raw herb formulas or custom granule formulas for your patients! Our Fort Collins, Colorado pharmacy will fulfill your prescriptions and ship them to your clinic or directly to your patient; or you can pick them up if you are local.  If you choose our decoction services for your raw herb prescriptions, we will cook the formula for you and package it in vacuum-sealed individual servings.  So convenient!  We are currently only shipping to U.S. addresses.  This may change in the future.


Highest Quality Herbs

Chinese herbs for natural dermatologyOur pharmacy stocks only the highest quality raw herbs available. We source from U.S. importers and U.S. growers who use third-party testing to ensure the herbs are free from pesticides, heavy metals and pathogenic microbes (bacteria, yeast, molds).  The herbs are harvested using sustainable practices and are closely inspected for proper species identification.  We order organic herbs whenever they are available.  We will never compromise on quality!

We record the lot number of every batch of herbs we purchase.  For every prescription you order from us, the lot number of each individual ingredient is recorded.  This means if there is ever a problem, we can trace the issue right back to the grower and processor the herb was received from.  Quality control and safety is of the utmost importance to us.

We carry concentrated granule herbs from Evergeen Herbs, Qualiherb and Legendary Herbs.

Our Decoction Services

Zi Zai is one of the few herbal pharmacies in the U.S. that offers full decoction services for your patient formulas!  We cook the raw herbs in large pressure-cooking machines (the exact same ones that are used in TCM hospitals in China).  We then package the resultant liquid decoction in single-serve sachets (vacuum-sealed pouches).  This cooking process results in a very concentrated medicine with all the volatile oils intact.  The plastic film used to form the sachets is made from high-heat-tolerant plastic that is BPA-free (it does NOT contain any endocrine-disrupting bisphenols).  Our decoction service has wonderful advantages over raw formulas that are cooked at home by patients:

  • Patients do not need to spend hours and hours cooking herbs
  • No worries about the herbs smelling up the house (we used to get lots of complaints from patients’ families about this!)
  • The cook is always consistent (not too much or too little water added; herbs are cooked for just the right length of time)
  • The single-serving sachets are so convenient and patients miss fewer doses
  • A typical sachet contains 150ml of concentrated decoction – there is less to drink per serving compared to stove-top cooking methods

Dry CHinese herbs from Zi Zai Dermatologypackaging Chinese herbs at Zi Zai DermatologyDecoction equipment at ZiZai DermatologyChinese herbs ready for shipping from Zi Zai Dermatology



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Secure Dispensary Software

The software that we use for our online herbal dispensary is cloud-based and stored on HIPAA-compliant servers to keep all data secure.  Practitioners set up their own accounts to manage patients, formulas and payments.  You can upload your own logo so all forms and labels that are printed are customized to align with your brand.  You can setup custom dosing and cooking instructions.  You even have the option to have patients securely submit payment directly.