Patient Fee Schedule

All-Inclusive Treatment Plan

To help make budgeting easier for our patients, we offer an all-inclusive monthly plans (AIP).  This plan is for herbal treatment of chronic skin conditions, inflammatory bowel diseases and chronic respiratory ailments. It includes all consultation fees, all herbal preparations, all external products for the most effective comprehensive treatment of these conditions. We offer you everything in our arsenal! Shipping (for remote patients) is the only cost not included. Diana will determine which level plan is necessary to achieve the best possible results for you.   

There may be other treatment options available for your condition that do not fall under the AIP.  Call us at (970) 416-9600 prior to your initial consultation and we will let you know which treatments will be most effective for your case. 


Adult All-inclusive plan WITH Topicals $625/mo
Adult All-Inclusive Plan NO Topicals $575/mo
Pediatric All-inclusive plan WITH Topicals $475/mo
Pediatric All-inclusive plan NO Topicals $425/mo

(For payment at time of service – cash, check or credit card. Fees may be subject to change without notice.)