All-Inclusive Treatment Plan

Chinese herbs for skin treatment

We are absolutely committed to helping you heal. When treating chronic diseases of the skin, bowels or lungs, we employ Chinese herbal medicine as our primary treatment of choice.  This includes internal herbal medicine, external herbal preparations, and regular monitoring of your condition.

To simplify the healing process for you as much as we can, we offer a flat-rate, all-inclusive treatment plan for you – “holistic pricing for holistic treatment.”  As a patient of Zi Zai Dermatology, you will have direct access to everything we can offer to help your skin, lungs, or bowels heal.  Diana Hermann, our skilled herbalist, has over 20 years of clinical expertise with specialized training in the U.S., China, and the U.K.  She will take great care to fully assess your condition, taking into consideration the overall health of your entire body, not just the symptoms you seek to treat.

What’s Included in the Treatment Plan

You will be prescribed an all-inclusive holistic treatment plan customized just for you, to help you achieve the best possible results.  Your comprehensive treatment plan will include:

  • Private initial consultation with Diana to fully assess your condition.  Then consultation every 3 weeks to evaluate your progress and adjust your herbal prescription as your health shifts
  • Custom internal (ingested) herbal prescription designed just for you and cooked on the premises in our state-of-the-art pharmacy

In addition, depending on the disease being treated, you will be supplied with:

  • All the essential natural skin care products (formulated & crafted by Zi Zai Dermatology) to soothe your skin and speed healing (for dermatology patients)
  • Any enemas (if applicable) and external ointments or powders to heal fissures or hemorrhoids (for bowel disease patients)
  • Cough syrups and antiviral herbal pills to stay prepared for acute respiratory infections (for chronic lung ailment patients)

The aim of our holistic approach to healing is 3-phase

  1. Reduce or halt your symptoms (reduce inflammation in the skin/bowels/lungs)
  2. Stop new symptoms from developing and re-train your body to function correctly
  3. Harmonize your body (regulate the immune system) and stabilize your skin/bowels/lungs to minimize/eliminate your reliance on medicine to maintain your health

When prescribed by a skilled practitioner, Chinese Medicine is a safe and very effective choice for the treatment and management of chronic diseases such as inflammatory skin conditions, inflammatory bowel disease and chronic respiratory issues.  Unlike the typical pharmaceuticals currently prescribed to treat these conditions (corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, and biologics), properly prescribed Chinese Herbal Medicine has virtually no lasting negative side-effects and does not suppress your immune system.  Our ultimate goal with this medicine is to actually get your entire body into balance so little or no medicine is required to maintain your health after treatment is completed.

All-inclusive Treatment Plan

At your initial visit Diana will assess what is required to ensure the best possible results for you.  For some cases, there may be other treatment options that are more appropriate than the AIP.  Diana will discuss these with you if applicable.

View pricing here.  There are no additional hidden costs or fees.  Duration of treatment will depend on the disease being treated, the severity and duration of symptoms, and the overall state of health of the individual patient.

Call us at (970) 416-9600 if you would like more information regarding average duration of treatment and additional therapy options for your condition.