How Free Are You?

When you think about about your life (your daily existence or the bigger picture), how free do you feel?

Do you feel light and mobile and full of energy?  Ready to explore and experience and learn?  Comfortable in your skin, free of pain (physical, emotional, spiritual)?

Or do you feel heavy, weighed-down, overburdened?  Restricted, limited, in pain…trapped?

Discomfort and pain are a natural part of life.  Physical pain indicates something is not healthy in our body (the vehicle that allows us to experience this life).  Emotional pain could be a sign that we need to address an issue that is holding us back in life.  Spiritual pain reminds us to evolve and become something more, something greater than we started out as.  Of course, left untreated for long enough, mental, emotional or spiritual pain can lead to physical pain, too.

Life is big and dynamic.  We must change…grow…evolve.  Often the greatest life lessons come from how we choose to deal with pain.  Discomfort and pain often are the motivating forces we need to continue this journey; this journey toward greater freedom.  The universe as a whole is striving toward lower energy and greater entropy.  On some level, every living creature wants to be free, wants to live life unrestricted, without limits.

When do you feel most free?

So what are you doing to become more free?  When you feel pain do you take action to find the source, to solve the problem, to move forward?  Or do you ignore it, hoping it will go away on its own?

When you hurt do you just accept that this is how your life must be?  Why?

“Zi Zai” is Mandarin and means “to be free of restrictions and limitations”.   I named my company this because it is my fundamental belief that all living creatures should be free.  We should be able to live our lives without restrictions and limitations.  Not everything is within our control, but we do get to make choices about how we respond to circumstances in our lives.  It makes me immeasurably sad when I see people live with restrictions they placed upon themselves.  Usually these limitations come in the form of beliefs that no longer serve a healthy purpose.  Sometimes people continue to live with limitations because they simply do not take action to improve their situation (job, relationship, health, etc.).

What are the things in your life that make you feel restricted?  Your job?  Your relationships?  Where you live?  Your beliefs?  Your health?

Identify the things that make you feel limited, the factors that hold you back from feeling free.  And in those moments when you make your choices, consider what direction your choice will take you.  Will you keep allowing yourself to be restricted or will you choose freedom?  It is my hope that you choose to be free.

Zi Zai!

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Publish Date: July 26, 2010     *Articles may include updates since original publishing.

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Diana Hermann is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She received her Master Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR and trained in China at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Diana treats patients in her Fort Collins, Colorado clinic and hand crafts herbal skin care products for her company Zi Zai Dermatology. In 2015, she completed the Diploma In Chinese Medicine Dermatology program from Avicenna in London, UK. She completed the program for a second time in 2019 in Chicago.

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