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The little things you do for your skin each day can have significant impact over time–positive or negative.  For instance, eating more veggies and less sugar is not going to clear up your zits overnight, but over a few weeks or months (and most certainly over the years) you will notice an improvement in the health of your skin.  I always tell my patients that these daily nutrition or other lifestyle choices are akin to Andy Dufresne escaping from Shawshank: he didn’t bulldoze his way through the prison walls…he escaped to freedom by scraping out a tunnel over the course of 17 years with a tiny rock hammer.  The decisions you make for your health each day have a cumulative effect on your body…choose wisely.

The same holds true for the topical skin care products you use daily.  You wash your face every day (most people wash twice each day).  If you are using a harsh cleanser it may get the job done, but over time it will strip away the oils on your delicate face leaving your skin irritated or lusterless and dry.  Or if you have oily skin, cleansers or soaps that are too drying may actually encourage your skin to produce even more sebum in response, worsening your acne in the long run.  So it is important to choose a gentle cleanser that is designed to match the needs of your unique skin to keep it balanced and healthy.

Zi Zai Dermatology’s Soap for Acne is Different

Acne Herbal Facial SoapZi Zai Dermatology’s AcneHerbal™ Facial Soap is different than any other soap you’ve ever used.  It is made by the method of cold process, whereby carrier oils are saponified (turned into soap) through a natural process using an alkali (sodium hydroxide).  This chemical reaction produces glycerin, a humectant (a substance that attracts water to the skin).  This, along with the high quality organic emollient oils and butters, creates a facial cleansing bar that softens skin – it cleans without stripping the natural sebum from the delicate skin of your face.  Many small companies craft cold process soap. So how is our AcneHerbal™ Facial Soap so different from all those other soaps? The same thing that makes all of our skin care products different from other companies’ products: Chinese herbs.

We put A LOT of herbs into each batch of AcneHerbal™ Facial Soap (that is why it has such a rich brown lather).  Our formula contains Chinese herbs that have been used for centuries to treat acne-prone skin.  From our perspective in Traditional Chinese Medicine, these herbs have the energetic functions of Clearing Heat and Toxins from the skin.  Modern research has shown these individual herbs to have antimicrobial actions.  It takes 3 days to make each small batch and then 2 more months for the cut bars of soap to cure on the drying racks before our AcneHerbal™ soap is ready for you. But it is worth the long process!

Andy DufresneSoap is not medicine.  The sole purpose of soap is to remove dirt and accumulated oils from your skin so your skin can function properly (and so your complexion looks vibrant and beautiful!).  Our AcneHerbal™ Facial Soap is not a treatment for acne.  But you have to wash your face each and every day, so why not use an out-of-the-ordinary herbal soap that your face will thank you for!  “Zi Zai” literally means “freedom”.  Think of Andy Dufresne escaping to freedom each time you wash your face with our AcneHerbal™ Facial Soap : you are making your complexion clearer and clearer… a little bit each time you use it.  This adds up to freedom for your skin. Zi Zai!

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Publish Date: June 8, 2015     *Articles may include updates since original publishing.

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Diana Hermann is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She received her Master Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR and trained in China at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Diana treats patients in her Fort Collins, Colorado clinic and hand crafts herbal skin care products for her company Zi Zai Dermatology. In 2015, she completed the Diploma In Chinese Medicine Dermatology program from Avicenna in London, UK. She completed the program for a second time in 2019 in Chicago.

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